State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ hosted the first Triple Crown event of the year. This format of racing features daytime qualifying like normal; but 3 Main Events during the night show. 18 riders advance out of qualifying, while the remaining riders battle it out in the daytime LCQ for 1 of 4 coveted spots. Winners are given points for each Main Event in an Olympic-style scoring method. First place = 1 point, etc. then the lowest points at the end of the night score their qualifying normal Championship points. The stakes are always slightly higher at Triple Crown Events; continue reading to see how TPJ Team rider Colby Copp did.

Colby Copp #645 had his best qualifying position so far this season with a 33rd overall. However, due to the Triple Crown format, he was forced into the LCQ to determine his night show fate. Colby started the 5 minute + 1 lap LCQ in 3rd and was looking smooth and hitting all his marks. Around the 4-minute mark, Schlosser started to catch him. The two traded positions a few times in some corners until a final pass caused both riders to go down. Colby was understandably disappointed, but he must feel great knowing this was his best riding this year.

Here’s what Colby Copp #645 had to say about his weekend:
“Glendale was almost a great night for me I struggled with qualifying and it being my first triple crown I was nervous all day. I turned it all around and had a perfect LCQ going when I made an inexperienced move. I was racing in the moment and racing forward. I didn’t take a look back to see that 5th place was a ways behind to know that I could’ve just settled in. Everyone knows 4th place is a very sketchy place to be in in the LCQ, I saw the door was open and went for a pass without intentions of taking the other guy down, by going inside it spooked the other rider to where he was already falling into me before I ever made contact. It was definitely a learning experience for myself that I can only move on from and keep improving every weekend. Sorry to the other rider, but racing is racing and stuff happens, onto next week.”

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