Angels Stadium of Anaheim, California hosted its third and final Supercross of the 2022 season. As teams began their journey east yesterday; Football fans from around the world were gathered to watch the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. As synonymous as California is with Motorcycle racing; the TPJ Team is excited to be heading back East. Be on the lookout as Lane Shaw #124 begins his 2022 Supercross Journey this weekend in Minneapolis, MN. Thank you to all our incredible sponsors for supporting our team on their professional journey.

Colby Copp #645 has had quite the 2022 season; showing huge growth since round 1; however, as it goes with racing…anything can happen. Copp started out A3 with a good qualifying position but some bad luck in his heat forced him into the LCQ. His goal of making a Main Event will be put on hold as the racing moves to the East Coast. He knows what he needs to work on during this break and looks forward to the return in Seattle for another shot at a Main Event start.

Here’s what Colby Copp #645 had to say about his weekend:
“Well A3 was nearly a great night for me on a very demanding track with brutal whoops. Running in transfer positions with a couple of laps to go in a STACKED heat, I got a little swap in the whoops I managed to ride it out but got into another riders lane and got pile drove into the turn. Rang my head pretty good, did some damage to my face that made it go completely numb, and my bike was absolutely trashed. With the great group I have around me we were able to get my bike decent to line back up for the LCQ where I got a rough start and managed to loosen up a couple of laps in and started to move through the pack. Really bummed, it was my main to be in the last night but racing is never predictable, and I’ve come a long way and improved tons since round 1. Now time for a break to continue my hard work and be stronger than before when we get back to the west coast! Thank you everyone for all the support.”

Our family of sponsors is what keeps us going races each week; support those who support our sport! Click on their names below to shop for their race winning products.

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