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The TPJ Racing team is a group of individuals who are extremely passionate about supporting the sport as well as the people who love it as much as we do.



Dylan is 20-years-old and is a Corona, CA native. He races the #559 Brap Shop Yamaha for the TPJ Racing team. Dylan has been racing for 11 years, and 2018 will be his second year at the pro level. He has won several AMA amateur titles, including a Schoolboy 2 championship at Loretta Lynn’s. A broken tibia/fibia postponed his pro debut, but he has finally made his pro debut as a part of the TPJ Fly Racing team on our 250 east coast team in 2017.  INSTAGRAM: @dylan_merriam

Short_headshot.jpgJOHN SHORT 

John Short rides the #57 MaximHonda Yamaha in the 450 east coast Monster Energy Supercross series. He is from Pilot Point, TX, and made his 250 east coast Supercross debut with the TPJ Fly Racing team. He will be racing his 2017 Yamaha as a part of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series. INSTAGRAM: @johnshort57



James Milson is a Granbury, TX native and rides the #256 Granbury Motorsports Kawasaki 450 for the TPJ Racing team. Milson launched his pro career in 2017 at Monster Energy Supercross as a part of the TPJ Racing team. Milson is one of the youngest members of the TPJ Racing team at twenty years old. Milson was unable to complete the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season due to ACL surgery, but is coming back strong for 2018. INSTAGRAM: @milson256


Chad Cook is 34 years old and an Oklahoma City, OK native. Cook is the 2011 & 2012 Arenacross Lites Champion. He rides the Cook Construction #713 450 Kawasaki. Cook has been a member of the TPJ Racing team since 2016, and is gunning for a main event in the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross series. INSTAGRAM: @chadcook713



Ben Lamay is the newest member of the TPJ Racing team. Lamay is 26-years-old and hails from Wasilia, AL — his Alaskan roots dubbed him the “Alaskan Assassin”. Lamay has been riding for 22 years, and boasts a colorful background as an AmsOil Arenacross contender. He has a lot of experience racing in the 450 division of Monster Energy Supercross and boats a top 20 championship finish. He intends to put full effort in the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season as a part of the team, aboard the #907 Maxim Honda. INSTAGRAM: @benlamay


Dalton Oxborrow is a 23 year old Utah native. He will be competing in the 250 west coast circuit aboard his Edge Powersports KTM. Oxborrow had a solid rookie season in 2016 but a torn ACL kept him from competing in 2017. He looks to put his #820 KTM in the main events in 2018 as a part of the TPJ Racing team. INSTAGRAM: @daltonoxborrow820





Ted Parks is the founder and owner of TPJ Racing. He is the guy in the pits to give you the shirt off his back, and he has worked tirelessly to support the up and coming athletes in the sport. Ted was voted the 2015 Manager of the Year by the AMA.




Teddy Parks Jr. is the son of team owner Ted Parks, and is a former professional Supercross athlete. After the birth of his son, he retired from racing to become the acting team manager of the TPJ Racing team.





Jeff heads our sponsorship department and helps coordinate our agreements between sponsors and athletes. On race day, he acts as a team manager and helps keep things running smoothly.




Anna is the media and communications director of the TPJ Racing team. She assists Ted in the oversight of race day operations, manages TPJ Racing social media and shoots photos of the team.




Kyle is a transportation and set up coordinator for the TPJ Racing team.




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