July 16, 2022 – Millville, MN

Motocross is often perceived as a solo sport, one rider and machine against the field; but the reality is it takes an entire team of people to equip each rider with the tools needed to be successful.  This rang true in Millville, MN last weekend as TPJ Racing team rider Garrett Hoffman had to overcome challenges with his motorcycle. 

The tough decision not to enter a qualifying practice (which could determine his race entry for the day) to rebuild a motorcycle was not ideal; but he knew it had to be done to salvage what he could of racing that day.  His dad and mechanic worked tirelessly to swap engines from his practice bike to his race bike; a task that is easier said than done.  It was all hands-on deck to ensure Garrett was ready for the consolation race.  The TPJ Racing team came together and got it done!

Garrett Hoffman #242: has been gaining speed each week and feeling more comfortable keeping up with the race page during the two 30 minutes + Motos; however, bike issues for the past few weeks have left him with less than desirable results.  This is all a reality of racing at the highest level, thought that doesn’t make it sting any less.  He will work this week to dial in the bike and is ready to gain some points at Washougal.

In his words: “Very unfortunate day at Millville, Qualifying 1 noticed I was down on power and the engine starting knocking a bit, under further inspection we ended up losing the crank.  With that being said we elected to sway engines to my spare meaning I missed qualifying 2 where the fast times had come from.  LCQ I hap put myself in a bad position with a bad start making my way up to 6th.  Last few weeks have been tough with bike issues but next week will be better! Thank you to my Dad and mechanic absolutely busting their butts…”.

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