Lucas Oil Pro Motocross #4

2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

RED BUD home of Larocco’s Leap hosted round 4 of the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in Buchannan, MI. This historic venue hosts the 4th of July race each year, known for its huge parties in lot B, Red Bud never disappoints.


Derek Kelley #73 had a race day plagued with bad luck. From bike troubles in qualifying to a crash in Moto 1 and a DNF in his attempt to race Moto 2, things could have gone better.  Through all the turmoil Kelley fought hard and gave 100% in an effort to salvage what he could from the day.  His Moto 1 crash left him with a separated AC joint, but he is hopeful to be back racing this weekend at Southwick.


Matt Hubert #647 had to line up for his first Consolation Race of the year.  Only the top 36 riders qualify straight through, the remaining riders must race for the final four spots in the Consolation Race.  Hubert placed first and secured a spot on the gate for the days Moto’s.  He enjoyed the deep loam and sand that makes up the Red Bud track and was thankful for the learning experience and great time with fans.

The TPJ Racing team looks forward to the remaining 8 rounds and thanks all our sponsors and fans so much for your continued support.  Together we are helping young riders on their Professional Journey.

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