Dallas Supercross 1,2,3

The TPJ Racing team was thrilled to have not only one but 3 hometown races this year with the new residency schedule.  Team owners, Ted and Kathy Parks were happy to be home for an extended stay and to be able to host so many wonderful friends and sponsors at the races.  Check out the data below and on the following pages to see how the TPJ Racing team did.

Matt Hubert #647 made two of the three night shows during the Dallas residency.  Round 11, Hubert set a 55.519 fast lap time and qualified 38th overall.  In his first, chaotic (his words) night show this year, Hubert placed 17th in his heat and 16th in the LCQ. Round 12, was a similar story for Hubert but he knows he needs to work on gaining additional speed and better starts. He hopes to find himself in a Main Event soon.

Mason Wharton #767 was unsuccessful at making it through day qualifying at all three Dallas rounds, but it was not for a lack of effort on his part.  He has the speed needed; he just needs to string together one solid lap during qualifying.  Staying on two wheels and getting more confident will help him get into his first Heat Races of the season in Atlanta.

Blaine Silveira #446 qualified for Dallas #1 with a 47.696 lap time and made his way into his second Night Show this year.  Some challenges during the heat race left him crossing the line in 14th place.  The unfortunate luck continued into the LCQ where he finished 21st overall.  Dallas #2 & #3 were quite a struggle for Blaine as well, crashing during qualifying left him sitting in the stands come showtime.  Silveira is working on his starts and consistency and hopes to be back racing under the lights in Atlanta.

Corbin Hayes #259 also made 2 of the 3 Dallas night shows (rounds 10/12). Round 10 had Hayes qualifying 38th and put in a 15th place finish in both his Heat Race and the LCQ.  Round 12, he gained some speed and qualified 36th even after injuring his thumb.  A 17th in his Heat sent him to the LCQ where his previously injured thumb and a first turn bar bang forced him to DNF (did not finish). Hayes knows where his challenges are and what he needs to work on moving into the few remaining rounds of the season.

Kevin Moranz #85 continues to participate in the 450SX series while the 250SX East Coast class has a break; a decision proven to do well for him.  The self-declared Holeshot King of Dallas, Moranz has shown lightning speed out of the gate as well as the ability to run up with the big dogs.  Rounds 10/11, he got a second place in both LCQ’s and held pace in both Main Events with a best finish of 18th.  Round 12 didn’t quite go as planned with a qualifying crash injuring his throttle hand. He attempted to ride through the pain but even after giving it all he had, he finished out the final night in Dallas with a 7th in the LCQ.  Moranz is excited for the time off and hopes to be fully healed by Atlanta.

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