A2 Supercross 2018

The TPJ Fly Racing team made the trek back to Anaheim from Houston just in time for the third round of Monster Energy Supercross – set to take place at Angel Stadium.

Team riders Ben Lamay and Dalton Oxborrow were primed to take to the track this week. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to ride and interview with Fox of LA. Lamay was able to have an ample amount of live television time and inform the people of Los Angeles about the event as well as tell them about himself and his connection to the TPJ Fly Racing team.


The unique Triple Crown track and race format was poised to make things a little more difficult for the riders. Oxborrow narrowly missed the night show again by fractions of a second, and Lamay ended up fighting for a qualifying position out of the LCQ.

In the 450 LCQ, Lamay found himself in a bad spot out of the gate – stuck in the middle of the pack. On the first lap, Lamay was able to pass five riders and set his sights on the rider in fourth place – the final qualifying spot. After five laps of carefully tailing the rider ahead of him, Lamay set him up for a pass in the final turn – and with a roar from the crowd Lamay pushed him out of the way to steal the final qualifying position.


In the first main event, Lamay again got caught in a mid pack start. Just before the whoop section, Lamay had a tangle-up with a tough block and came off his bike. Although he lost a few positions, he got back up and recovered swiftly.

His tumble took a toll on his thumb, which effected him for the remainder of the event. Despite experiencing extreme discomfort, Lamay pushed through the night to score valuable championship points.


While his results weren’t what he wanted, his injuries were minimal, and we should see him back on track for Phoenix this week.

We should also be seeing Chad Cook and Dylan Merriam returning to Monster Energy Supercross in Phoenix, and will hopefully be seeing Oxborrow on his way to his first main event of the season.

We want to extend a special thank you to DSC Construction for covering the registration fees for our main event qualifiers, and to the rest of our team and sponsors for their continued support. You all are what makes it possible for these young athletes to pursue their dreams.


Photos/Words: Anna Glennon

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