Houston Supercross 2018

The TPJ Fly Racing team made the drive from California to Houston, TX for the second round of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross series on January 13th.

This week, the TPJ Crew welcomed the return of Chad Cook to the team. Cook had been on hiatus, recovering from an injury sustained at the Monster Energy Cup. Cook was cleared to race earlier that week, and came out to Houston without any ride time, looking to get back on his bike and get rolling again with the team.

Aside from Cook, the TPJ team also had Ben Lamay and Dalton Oxborrow competing this weekend.

Oxborrow showed vast improvement from the season opener in Anaheim. His consistency and speed have improved all around. A little tumble during qualifying practice slowed him down, and while he got back up and gave it another go, his lap times narrowly missed the mark for the night show.


Lamay has been working at the TPJ Racing training compound during the week, and continues to make improvements on his endurance for the extended main events. In the first round of qualifying for the 450 group, Lamay was running in 13th overall. The final qualifying stack had Lamay running 14th overall, getting him into the night show with ease. Cook also squeezed his way into the night show in 39th.


In the first 450 heat, Lamay was off to a great start in 6th position, and held on to his spot until factory rider Jeremy Martin was able to make a pass. Lamay stayed on Martin’s tail until the checkered flag – securing his main event spot with a 7th place. Lamay would go on to finish 15th in the main event, and currently holds on to the 16th spot in the overall points championship.


We are extremely grateful to the sponsors who have continued to support the TPJ Racing team and make it possible for our athletes to continue to progress. With your help, our riders have a shot at being the next big thing.

With Houston done and dusted, our sails are pointed for Anaheim once again. The TPJ Fly Racing team is looking forward to getting out team back out at Angel Stadium once again. We hope to see you there!

Photos: Anna Glennon

Words: Anna Glennon

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