SUPERCROSS: A1 season opener

This week, the TPJ Fly Racing team travelled to Anaheim, CA for the season opener of Monster Energy Supercross at Angel Stadium.

The TPJ Fly Racing team was up early for press on Friday morning. Our riders had the opportunity to ride for live local television, and show off their equipment.

With several riders out for injury leading up to the opener, we had two athletes lining up this week – Ben Lamay and Dalton Oxborrow.


Oxborrow is the newest rider to join the TPJ Fly Racing team for 2018. He lined up for qualifying on Saturday morning with the goal of qualifying for the night show — and narrowly missed it by a few tenths of a second. Now that the start of the season jitters have passed, we anticipate that Oxborrow will find his groove and make his way into the night show within the next few rounds.

Ben Lamay rolled into the gate beside some of the best 450 riders in the world, and qualified 18th overall on his Maxim Honda ride. We were impressed with his performance; he went toe to toe with factory riders and qualified faster than Chad Reed, and was shortly behind Josh Grant’s qualifying time.


With additional help from the Pirelli and Rekluse staff in the pits, Lamay was fully-equipped for the night show. Off the gate, Lamay was right in the mix, starting in 15th place. He was able to sustain his position for nearly the entire race, but was overtaken by Chad Reed and Kyle Cunningham as the lap flag came out, and chaos ensued. Although he slipped back to 17th overall, we are excited about how he kicked off the season, and are looking forward to seeing what else he can pull off as we continue.


We want to thank the sponsors who came through for us in 2018. We have greatly appreciated your support in making sure that the TPJ Racing team made it to A1 guns blazing. Your support makes it possible for our team to build the dreams of these budding athletes.

Now, the TPJ Crew is headed for Houston. Ted Parks is looking forward to the home-state race, and will be wearing his best boots and cowboy hat for this round. We hope to see lots of TPj Racing fans at this event.


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