Road Warriors: TPJ rig back on track

As many of you know, the TPJ Fly Racing team has one of the biggest convoys in the pits. Our two massive rigs (with trailers) are driven cross-country by the TPJ Crew to the races each week. It’s a big task, but our love of the sport makes it worth it.

With that being said, there’s sometimes some bumps in the road.

Earlier this month, one of our rigs experienced a technical issue that brought our travel arrangements to a grinding halt just outside Gary, Indiana, when we needed to be at the next race.


Thanks to the aid of Sandberg’s Trucking, we were able to get to the Lucas Oil shop, and our friends at Lucas Oil were able to help us get back online.


We want to say a big thank you to both Sandberg’s Trucking and the team at Lucas Oil, without their help our season was about to get more difficult or worse — cut short. We are very grateful to the people in the industry (and outside of it) who value what the TPJ Fly Racing team is all about and are willing to extend a helping hand. It’s thanks to you that Ted Parks and the TPJ Crew are able to make it happen each week.

We are very excited to race at Washougal this weekend — see you there!


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