High Point 2017

This week, the TPJ Fly Racing team travelled to Mount Morris, PA for the High Point National round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series.

At High Point, the TPJ Fly Racing team welcomed back several returning riders as well as some new ones — we were thrilled to have a full house and a great roster of athletes.


We had a total of seven athletes competing at High Point this weekend. Our two young guns — Logan France and Mason Wharton as well as returning rider Chad Gores, and both Dustin Pipes and John Short returned to racing this weekend after recovering from injuries sustained during the Supercross season. We also welcomed two new riders, Blane Silviera and John Docherty. Of the six, three went on to compete in the main event.

The High Point National featured one of the toughest tracks we have seen this season, with conditions that changed drastically throughout the day. Our riders did all that they could to adapt to these changes, while fighting through the heat and humidity.


In the 250 class, Blane Silveira was able to qualify directly out of timed practice in 33rd place out of the 66 riders fighting to qualify. Wharton was able to qualify 7th out of the consolation race, and both riders went on to the main event. At the end of the day, Silveira placed 40th overall, and Wharton finished 37th.


In the 450 class, John Short qualified directly out of timed practice in 27th place out of a total of 83 riders. Short went on to race an incredible two motos. Short would go 17-16 for a final position of 17th overall. This is a great start to the season for Short, especially after battling a wrist injury most of this year.

“I didn’t qualify as well as I would have liked in practice but my goal for the motos was to ride my best for the full 35 minutes and stay off the ground.” Short said. “Neither of my starts were that great, but I made a bunch of quick passes on the first laps of the motos and rode forward the entire time. I feel it was a good start to the season for me if I can continue to improve each week.”

We are looking forward to seeing what Short can do with the rest of his Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season, as well as the rest of the team who continues to put in maximum effort toward improvement and progression.

Both Chad Gores and John Docherty were very close to qualifying for the main event out of the consolation race, so we are hoping to see them in the main event in the upcoming weeks.


We are very thankful to DSC Construction and Dunlop, who supply our top 20 riders with their entry fees and fresh tires. In addition, we want to thank all of the great companies who help us give riders like John Short the opportunity to get them to the next level.

We are in route to Muddy Creek for the Tennessee National, and are looking forward to enjoying the races alongside some TPJ Racing fans. We hope to see you there!


Words: Anna Glennon
Photos: Seven11Films

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