TPJ Racing takes over Race Day Live

The TPJ Racing team was at the Seattle round of Monster Energy Supercross, and when we weren’t hanging out with fans during the pit party, we were taking over Race Day Live.

Race Day Live is the weekly pre-game livestream that features all the news from inside the pits and behind the scenes. It is viewed by hundreds of thousands of Supercross fans.

This week, the TPJ Racing team had not one — but three segments on the popular broadcast.

At the 1:05:00 mark, Race Day Live did a special segment with TPJ Racing rider Broc Shoemaker. It’s not very often that a rider and tv crew member have the same first and last name.

At 1:21:40, Tyler and Adam Enticknap are interviewed by Race Day Live hosts on their season and what it’s like on the TPJ Racing team — they’re featured right outside the TPJ Racing pits.

At 1:38:00, the entire TPJ Racing team is featured in the Prom Princess segment. In St. Louis we had the honor of bringing a young lady’s prom dreams to life.

You can watch the Race Day Live segment from Seattle on Fox sports below.


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