TPJ Racing makes prom dreams come true

The TPJ Fly Racing team is all about making dreams come true. But most of the of the time, it involves racing dirt bikes. We did not expect to make prom dreams come true in 2017 — but we did.

All Kiah Pope wanted was to go to the prom.

She had hoped to ask her date to prom at Supercross in Indianapolis. She had the dress, the shoes, the jewelery all picked out — and she was excited. It turned out that her date couldn’t make it — and now she was just a girl with a pretty dress and no prom date.

Until TPJ Racing found out.

The TPJ Racing team partnered up with Feld Entertainment to surprise Kiah Pope in St. Louis. She thought she was going to get to meet a rider and watch the races, but we brought prom to Supercross.

Dylan Merriam escorted the ‘Prom Princess’ out on to the track with the rest of the TPJ Racing team, and surprised her with a one of a kind red, white and blue corsage. Her smile was so big that she teared up. She got to experience her very own track walk in her prom dress and cowboy boots.

After her track walk, we brought her back to the TPJ Fly Racing pits so that she could go behind the scenes and spend time with the team. It’s not prom if there isn’t any dancing, so Dylan Merriam and Ted Parks each treated her to a dance. The Enticknaps even brought it in for a fist-bumping party.

We were very thankful for the opportunity to make this happen for Kiah Pope. Supercross fans are what make this sport so great, and the TPJ Fly Racing team loves making dreams come true.

You can view the ‘Prom Princess’ segment from Race Day Live on the official YouTube Channel of Monster Energy Supercross:

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