Seattle 2017

The TPJ Fly Racing team travelled to Seattle, WA to compete at Monster Energy Supercross.

This week, the TPJ Fly Racing team ‘took over’ Race Day Live. We had the opportunity to be a part of several segments on the extremely popular live stream broadcast of daily race events. For more information on our Race Day Live segments, view our full article.


This week, we welcomed back our 250 west coast rider, Broc Shoemaker. We also had the return of Nick Schmidt after he took a week off to rest after injuring his wrist in practice. Shoemaker and Schmidt as well as the rest of the team were able to qualify for the night show after just one round of qualifying. Due to the rain, practice and qualifying was limited to brief sessions in Seattle.


In the heat, Shoemaker was off to a great start. He was third in the first corner and was running a good pace until he was taken out by another rider. His run-in sent him to the LCQ.

In the 450 class, Schmidt was able to qualify for the main event directly out of the semis this week. He got a great start and held on to second until he was overtaken by RCH factory Suzuki riders Justin Bogle and Broc Tickle. Schmidt was able to keep up with the two factory riders and maintain a qualifying position until the end of the race. He went on to race the main event and finish 19th overall.


Chad Cook, Adam and Tyler Enticknap ended up in the LCQ after some tough heat races. In the LCQ, Adam and Tyler were battling between 8th and 9th and position when they got tangled up with one another. They dropped several positions. Adam was able to get back into 11th place while Tyler fell to 17th. Chad Cook had a great race, starting near the back of the pack and making his way all the way up to ninth.

The weather conditions in Seattle made for a tough track and continuously changing conditions — deep ruts and rocks made interesting obstacles but our riders were able to make adjustments throughout the night and charge through the pack.

With the help of our extremely supporting sponsors, the entire TPJ Racing team was able to qualify for the televised night show and make progress in Seattle. Thanks to DSC Construction, Nick Schmidt was able to earn back his entry fee for qualifying for the main event.

The team is looking forward to some time off for Easter. We hope that all of our sponsors and fans are able to enjoy time with their families — we will see you back on the track soon!


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