TPJ RACING riders compete for the Monster million in Las Vegas.

PictureTPJ Racing riders came out in full force at the 2016 Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas at Sam Boyd stadium on Oct. 15. Dustin Pipes, Nick Schmidt, Matt Babbitt, Tyler Enticknap, Shawn Yarborough and Chad Cook all made it out to the event to try for a shot at the “Monster Million”.

Athletes had a chance to win one million dollars by taking the win in all three races, a feat that has only been achieved one time in Monster Energy Cup history.

The TPJ Racing riders started the event off great with the opportunity to be featured on FOX 5 news Las Vegas. Dustin Pipes was interviewed by the local news team while the other TPJ Racing riders took laps around the track. The full news feature can be found on our website.

Dustin Pipes and Nick Schmidt were able to make their way to the main event in Las Vegas, and Nick Schmidt showcased some spectacular starts down the massive 4-floor drop from the starting gate. Pipes showed great progress after returning from his injury. Nick Schmidt would score 10-11-15 to take 13th place overall and Dustin Pipes would score 18-20-21 and finish 21st overall.


TPJ Racing rider, Matt Babbitt.

TPJ Racing rider Matt Babbitt showed great potential for Supercross despite having never raced in conditions like these, “I went out to Vegas with pretty much no expectations considering I have never ridden Supercross before. I felt like I rode pretty well but just didn’t have a good enough time to qualify straight in so I had to race in the LCQ. I had a rough first lap with a bad start and getting pushed off the track, so I just went out and had fun after that. It was an awesome experience for my first time and I’m excited to see how I feel after some practice time preparing for A1.”

Now that the 2016 season has officially ended, the TPJ Racing riders will finally have some down time to prepare for the Supercross season. With the 2017 Supercross season on the horizon, the TPJ Racing riders are already busy prepping for the gate drop in Anaheim in January.Picture


The TPJ Racing team wants to extend a thank you to all of its fans and supporters. We appreciate all of you cheering us on. We also want to say a big thank you to all of the TPJ Racing sponsors who help our team be competitive against some of the fastest teams in the world.

Stay tuned to the TPJ Racing media outlets for updates as we prepare for the gate drop at A1!

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