The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship continues to charge toward it’s conclusion for the 2016 season, and the TPJ Fly Racing Suzuki team was on site for the Spring Creek National over the weekend in Millvile, MN.Earlier this week, TPJ Racing rider, Dustin Pipes was injured during practice at home. In order to make sure that he can return to racing strongly, Pipes made the decision to sit out Spring Creek and make his return at Washougal. Although Pipes was unable to compete, the TPJ racing crew was on site helping privateer riders attempting to make it into the main event.

TPJ Racing will make their way cross the United States and back to the west coast for Washougal, where Pipes and the team will have another chance at getting into the min event and climbing the ladder toward the top.

As always, the TPJ Racing team is extremely grateful for the support of our sponsors and fans. Our fans have cheered for us throughout the season, and our sponsors are the ones that give us an opportunity to be at the races competing against the top teams in the world. We are looking forward to the Washougal National on July 23 – hope to see you there!


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