The TPJ Racing crew went straight from Mt Morris, PA to the next round at Muddy Creek. We spent the week getting set up and we even shined up the famous Muddy Creek sign for the live broadcast of the races on NBC.

For the fifth round at Muddy Creek, TPJ Racing riders Dustin Pipes and Justin Ashburn both competed in the 450 class.

PictureAfter weeks of bad luck, Justin Ashburn celebrated a breakthrough when he qualified for the main event straight out of timed practice. Ashburn was able to avoid the consolation race and focus his energy on doing well in the main event. He was off to a great start in the first moto of the day, but a crash set him back. Ashburn regrouped and prepared to race the second moto, but his eyes began to burn and bothered his vision throughout the race. Ashburn is happy to have made his first main event of the season, and has now had a taste of making it that far, he is working on taking the steps to having a good performance in the main event and is looking forward to the next round.Picture

Dustin Pipes was focused on avoiding the consolation race after being in it at Highpoint – and he managed to qualify straight out of timed practice this week at Muddy Creek. Looking to redeem himself after last week, Pipes has been focused on his training program – and this week he made progress with a consistent charge in both motos. He placed 25th overall, and will continue to adapt his program in order to grow. We are looking forward to seeing Pipes’ results as he continues to gain momentum during the 2016 season.

The team will be traveling to Buchanan, MI for the famous Red Bud National July 2.  We are looking forward to applying the changes we have made in order to progress.

We also want to say thank you to all of the friends, sponsors, and fans who have supported us thus far – you play a pivotal role in making the TPJ Fly Racing Suzuki team competitive against some of the top-level factory teams in the world.

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